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NZ National Diploma in Kinesiology.

Now not available in New Zealand
See www.icpkp.com For Colleges world wide teaching this course..

This is professional training and is registered with Kiwi Quals.
The New Zealand Kinesiology Accrediation Board has now aligned all New Zealand registration requirements with Australia. Study completed in Australia is recognised for registration in New Zeland.

The first 11 units of the course, the Basic Kinesiology Program form a Certificate course suitable for any practitioner or other person who wants a working knowledge of the basics of kinesiology.

From this point the course is split into 14 streams of learning specialising in various aspects of body mind medicine.

Apart from the external units in Anatomy and Physiology, First Aid and Resuscitation each unit is of 60 hours duration. There are 20 hours classroom time, 20 hours self and peer-review and 20 hours practice with your 'clients'.

Equal credit is given for this time, which the Faculty regards as the most important time for building both confidence and competence.

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Val McArthur,
Director and Faculty Head of the Herbal Touch Centre.
22 Kensington Place, Hamilton ph 07 855 6724
email val@herbaltouch.co.nz

Further information on the ICPKP programme™

PKP was founded in 1999 by Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe to meet the needs of students all over the world for an internationally recognised Diploma based training in kinesiology. It is based on the world-renowned PKP workshops (PKP I - IV) which have been taught in 20 countries around the world and translated into 8 languages.

Kinesiology institutes and colleges, in any country, have the opportunity of adopting the ICPKP syllabus and teaching to an Internationally Recognised standard.

Students of an ICPKP Accredited College have access to a student forum on this web site as well as to any updated material on their current and past areas of learning.

Kinesiology colleges teaching the ICPKP syllabus are subject to an initial accreditation process, moderation of standards after one year and thereafter on a biannual basis.

The ICPKP also provides international registration of kinesiology practitioners, continuing education and Annual Practicing Certificates for ICPKP registered practitioners.

The PKP Certification Programme™

The four year PKP Certification Programme ™ which provides approximately 2300 hours of learning is the most comprehensive, student-centred training available in Kinesiology worldwide. On graduation, students receive an International Diploma from the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice.

Students enrol with an ICPKP Accredited College in their own country and have access to forums and help from ICPKP's interactive website www.icpkp.com

In New Zealand, the home of PKP, students may also receive a National Diploma in Kinesiology issued by the Government's, NZ Qualifications Authority. New Zealand students are also eligible to sit the NZ Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation Board's registration exam to become a NZ Registered Kinesiologist and have the right to place the prestigious letters NZRK after their name. The NZ Charter of Health Practitioners has accepted the NZRK exam as the requirement for registration as a Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner the highest natural therapy classification awarded in NZ because it carries the right to recommend ingestible products.

Members of New Zealand Kinesiology Accreditation Board at Diploma level are also affiliated to the Natural Health Council.

This cybercollege™ programme was developed by Medical Doctor, Bruce Dewe MD and his wife, a teacher, Joan Dewe MA. Both Bruce and Joan have taught kinesiology workshops around the world for 20 years. Their unique finger-moding system, 5-Element and Amygdala Emotion Charts added new dimensions to consulting and take away guess-work from the process.

The ICPKP Certification Programme teaches not only a wealth of kinesiology techniques, but includes personal development, relationship issues and the opportunity to make personal emontional and spiritual growth.

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